Spring Fever Frenzy

Spring Fever Frenzy

CashBag welcomes the Spring Frenzy

Finally, Spring is here, the leaves are changing the sun is shining, now we just need to wait for the rains to round it all off nicely.

But today; open the windows, play the music too loud and celebrate a new season.

And while we are feeling the Spring fever frenzy, CashBag decided to look a little deeper as to what our customers would need the most with the arrival of this happy season:

1. The perfect Spring Clean:

I love a good solid spring cleaning! Curtains, carpets, cupboards etc. There is something cathartic about purging your home of “last season” items and home decor. Just make sure you donate your old stuff – we’re all about giving back.

2. New arrivals for Spring:

Now, if you are anything like me, you may go a little overboard on the clothing purge! This helps me feel guilt-free restocking my wardrobe. Especially because every morning I have the “nothing to wear” conundrum, plus I get to save money while shopping through CashBag. If you are a bit more conservative, spoil yourself with at least get one great item that makes you feel like it’s summer.

3. Protect the peepers

Nothing completes a summer outfit and makes you feel like one cool cat than a shiny new pair of sunnies! But remember to keep your eyes hydrated and irritation free – with the change of season comes allergies (it’s a small price to pay though). 🤧

4. Skin safety

This one is for everyone – fair or dark-skinned, male or female we all need to protect our skin from sun damage. Plus it helps to slow down the ageing process (you all know what I’m talking about). So stock up on the sunscreen, wear a funky hat and enjoy your summer days ahead!

Happy Spring-ing 🙂


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