February Feels with a CashBag PayDay

CashBag PayDay

Happy Valentines Day from CashBag

We made it through January! We stuck (somewhat) to our new year’s resolutions, we managed to pay our bills and buy our groceries and love our families and then like a ray of sunshine poking through a grey rainy morning it was February…and we breathed a sigh of relief.

There are two main things I love about February:

  1. Valentines Day

Personally, I love it! Yes, there are a lot of mixed opinions about this day, but for me, it’s a day that I can be unashamedly cheesy with my love! I can send my friends ‘annyonous’ flowers to brighten their day. I can spoil my family with surprise gifts because I know that even though they will protest, they secretly love the spoils! It’s so exciting waiting to see bae’s face when his gift arrives. It’s a day of love and I love it!

And while I’m dishing out all this love I always include myself, because we all need to be a little kinder to ourselves ❤️

  1. CashBag PayDay

All the cash back I earned over Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas got paid out on 15 February – which felt like another Valentines Day gift from me to me…and the best bit? I did all my Love Day shopping through CashBag so my balance is looking pretty healthy in preparation for the next CashBag Pay Day!

And if that wasn’t reason enough to be feeling fantastic this February, CashBag just launched “Refer-a-Friend”. Which means I can earn even more cash back just by telling my friends my fabulous shopping secret!

So, as we head into magical March (yes, why not make it magical!) CashBag will continue to bring you great deals and help you fatten up those balances in time for the next CashBag Pay Day

Happy shopping 🙂


Cash Back Deals Available:
Netflorist – 10% cash back
Travelstart – R50 cash back
Unbreakable Man – 15% cash back
Madison – 5 cash back