Another CashBag PayDay!

The month of May marked the second CashBag PayDay for 2017, and what a PayDay it was!

One loyal CashBag user walked away with over R7000 – CASH! 👏 👏 👏

With so many great offers on CashBag to earn cash back from, there’s something for everyone. The more you shop through or the CashBag Rewards App the more money you save – you’re already shopping online, why not get paid to do so?

Book Flights, plan holidays, buy clothes, sign up for online courses, buy gifts for friends and family – the possibilities are endless! And with every purchase you make through CashBag you earn cash back – so simple!

Happy Shopping 🙂


CashBag goes Mobile with the CashBag Rewards App

April has been a very exciting month for us here at CashBag as we launched the CashBag Rewards Mobile App!

Download the CashBag Rewards Mobile App from the Google Play Store today and start earning cash back from the palm of your hand

Final all the current deals, promotions and coupons available at your favourite online stores.

Favourite Stores
Keep track of the latest online stores that get added to CashBag

My Profile
Keep track of your pending cash back, cash back history and details on your next CashBag Pay Day

Deal Alerts
Never miss a great deal with push notifications of the latest sales and money-saving coupons

Happy Shopping 🙂

PS iOS App coming soon!


Earn more Cash Back – Tell your friends!

So, last month we announced the launch of our Refer a Friend campaign, where you earn an additional R25 in your CashBag account for each successful referral you send us. Plus your friend gets a R25 welcome bonus just for joining.

For those of you that might have missed how the Refer a Friend works, let me explain:

How Our Referral Program Works:

  • Get paid for every new member you refer to CashBag
  • A successful referral is a member who registers a free CashBag account AND installs the CashBag Button for desktop OR installs the CashBag Mobile App
  • We will pay R25 into your CashBag account for each successful referral you send us and your friend will also benefit by receiving a R25 Welcome Bonus in their new CashBag account.

With so many great offers on CashBag to earn cash back from there’s something for everyone; from travel to fashion and gadgets to health! And the best part of all as a CashBag member the more you shop through CashBag at your favourite online stores the more money you get back!!

So tell your friends, relatives, strangers on the street…the more you refer the more money you get back in your CashBag account!

Happy Shopping 🙂

February Feels

We made it through January! We stuck (somewhat) to our new year’s resolutions, we managed to pay our bills and buy our groceries and love our families and then like a ray of sunshine poking through a grey rainy morning it was February…and we breathed a sigh of relief.

There are two main things I love about February:

  1. Valentines Day

I love it! I know there are a lot of mixed opinions about this day, but for me, it’s a day that I can be unashamedly cheesy with my love! I can send my friends ‘annyonous’ flowers to brighten their day. I can spoil my family with surprise gifts because I know that even though they will protest, they secretly love the spoils! I get so excited waiting to see bae’s face when his gift arrives. It’s a day of love and I love it!

And while I’m dishing out all this love I always include myself, because we all need to be a little kinder to ourselves ❤️

  1. CashBag Pay Day

All the cash back I earned over Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas got paid out on 15 February – which felt like another Valentines Day gift from me to me…and the best bit? I did all my Love Day shopping through CashBag so my balance is looking pretty healthy in preparation for the next CashBag Pay Day!

And if that wasn’t reason enough to be feeling fantastic this February, CashBag just launched “Refer-a-Friend”. Which means I can earn even more cash back just by telling my friends my fabulous shopping secret!

So, as we head into magical March (yes, why not make it magical!) CashBag will continue to bring you great deals and help you fatten up those balances in time for the next CashBag Pay Day

Happy shopping 🙂


Cash Back Deals Available:
Netflorist – 10% cash back
Travelstart – R50 cash back
Unbreakable Man – 15% cash back
Madison – 5 cash back

Get a fit body and a fat wallet

The road to hell is paved with good intentions… and let’s be honest, we all have the best of intentions when January comes round; to get fit, to eat healthy, to save money, to be better people etc.

January is a hard month though. It’s hard to feel motivated when your bank balance is constantly reminding you of the holiday season over indulgence. When those 3 more kilograms to go to goal weight is now 7kg’s. So CashBag is going to help you get motivated to start those healthy New Year’s resolutions and help you save money!

Here are a few ideas to get you revved up and ready:

Make a schedule:
Preparation is the key to any health plan. Map out your week in terms of what you’re going to eat, when you are going to exercise, what time you’re going to wake up and go to bed etc. Plan your meals, shop and prepare your meals for the week ahead with these awesome meal planners.

Be stronger than your excuses:
We all talk ourselves out of doing the hard stuff, the waking up early to go to gym or just this one cheat meal…but it’s the start of the downward spiral. Stick to your convictions. When you start to rationalise why it’s ok to skip a session or eat that chocolate, give yourself a shake and and push on with your plan.

Get a new gadget:
Like an exercise tracker, daily step counter or a BMI scale that tracks your progress and helps keep you motivated. Once those kilos start coming off and those goals start being met, it’s easier to keep going.

Get a new outfit:
Feeling good and looking good go hand in hand, so get your sexy self into some fancy workout outfits. Whether you’re more of a one solid colour look or colourful patterns, there is something for everyone’s taste. Keep your feet firmly planted in some funky trainers to complete the look.

Remember it all starts with the first step…take it!


Cash back deals available:

Wantitall – R50 cash back
Spree – 5% cash back
Zando – 6% cash back
The Footwear Warehouse – 3% cash back

Disruptive App Promises A More Rewarding Shopping Experience

With more than 56% of web users having shopped online *The South African eCommerce market is poised for explosive growth as consumers’ flock to discover deals online.

With this in mind the founders of, an eCommerce disruptor, has launched a desktop app that lets consumers discover reward-eligible deals online and earn cash back when they shop.  According to Kirsty Henderson, General Manager, CashBag’s key differentiator lies in the fact that it reinforces consumers purchase decisions and rewards them with instant cash back on thousands of merchants, globally. 

Once shoppers join for free and install the search helper, CashBag alerts them to participating merchants & highlighting savings and special deals, within natural search results.  The innovative component is a toolbar that overlays CashBag’s rewards data over the search results, enabling consumers to better qualify and select shops based on not just search engine placement, but also the loyalty and cash back rewards they offer.

Whereas the industry standard for eCommerce conversion rates varies between 2% – 5% depending on the popularity of the store, shoppers referred by CashBag average a 13.7% checkout rate, or a 4x multiple on the market average.  Ms. Henderson attributes this significant increase to shopper motivation.  “People love deals and when you reassure them they’re getting extra value and delight, it closes the loop on the checkout process and results in significant increased sales.”

CashBag’s game changing technology enables online stores to compete for shoppers’ attention using rebates and rewards, without cheapening their brand or eroding profitability.  Whereas Search Engine Optimization or Paid Search Advertising were historically the only levers available to advertisers, resulting in merchants with the largest budgets winning the attention war, CashBag now enables smaller brands to compete evenly, paying a cash back rebate only when a sale is made.  According to CashBag, merchants are free to set and change their own reward level & add incentives as their business needs dictate.  CashBag integrates seamlessly with most online stores and independently tracks referred transactions through popular affiliate networks like

It’s All About The Reward – CashBag Relaunches With Bigger Savings

CashBag,  the cash back rewards program for online shopping, recently underwent a tune up. The site in addition to having a new look, now boasts more cash saving deals, more offers from local and international partners and more cash back in the consumers pocket.

In July, CashBag launched its CashBag Cash Back Button – A toolbar button that simplifies the process of activating rewards when shopping online. The plugin notifies the shopper each time they visit a CashBag partner website and shows them how much they can save by activating the reward. The CashBag Button also allows shoppers to compare cash back deals right on their Google search results page.

Signing up to CashBag is free and opens up a world of money-saving potential. Every time a shopper makes an online purchase through CashBag, CashBag pays a portion of the checkout total back to the consumer in cash.

“We’re trying to make it as easy as possible to earn money while you shop online, as well as ensure that consumers don’t miss out on any cash back rewards. The CashBag Button notifies you that a cash back reward is available at that particular site, they click on “activate” and continue shopping. It’s that simple, no forms to fill out or points to accumulate,” states CashBag GM, Kirsty Henderson.

The company launched in 2012 with the purpose of offering cash back to it’s members for shopping online; the more they shopped the more they’d earn. While the goal hasn’t changed, the consumer has as well as the playing field. Although reward programs are not a particularly new phenomenon they are becoming increasingly popular. According to The 2016 Truth Loyalty Whitepaper there are over 100 loyalty programs in South Africa with accelerated activity in the last 3-5 years.

Banks, insurance providers and many large retailers offer a variety of loyalty and rewards programs; cash back rewards, points, incentives, coupons and discounts. CashBag is not encouraging consumers to add to their daily activities in order to accumulate points etc. but merely continue doing what they already do i.e. shop online. In a recent report by Word Wide Worx, online retail is around 1% of overall retail in 2016, equating to roughly R9 billion which is up from R7,5 billion from last year. Consumers are shopping online, eCommerce in South Africa is maintaining it’s high growth rate year on year. CashBag is simply stating – keep on shopping and get rewarded for it.

CashBag rewards can be bundled together with other online loyalty and reward programs accumulating to considerable earning potential for the consumer. The Brandmapp Survey 2015 states, economically active South African consumers currently belong to an average of 4.6 loyalty programs meaning, CashBag members are able to earn cash back, loyalty points and discounts in one purchase from the various programs that they belong to. Every quarter consumers are then paid their cash back accumulated in their CashBag account.

CashBag offers cash back on everything from travel and accommodation both locally and abroad to fashion, homeware, gadgets and health and beauty. Boasting over 100 online offers and rewards of up to 30% cash back, savvy shoppers are able to earn cash back on just about any purchase they make online.